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At TOBE, we understand the vital role that high-quality face masks play in protecting you and those around you. We are proud to be a leading supplier of 3M masks in Australia, providing our customers with top-of-the-line masks that offer both protection and comfort.

At TOBE, we are committed to providing only the highest quality products. Protect yourself and those around you with the best in respiratory protection. Browse our extensive range of 3M face masks and order today for fast and reliable delivery across Australia.

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3M Respirator Masks

3M is a globally renowned brand, known for its innovative products that set the standard in personal protective equipment. The 3M respirator masks are designed to filter out a high percentage of airborne particles, making them ideal for use in healthcare settings, industrial sites, or any environment where protection against airborne contaminants is necessary.

Our range of 3M respirator masks includes N95 respirators.

  • These masks are designed to fit securely to the face.
  • They create a comfortable seal around the nose and mouth to prevent airborne particles from entering the respiratory system.
  • With adjustable straps, they ensure a snug fit for all face shapes and sizes.

3M Face Masks

In addition to respirators, we also offer a variety of 3M face masks designed for general use.

  • These masks are made with 3M’s proprietary technologies that enhance breathability and comfort.
  • Whether you are a healthcare professional, a frontline worker, or just someone looking for everyday protection, our 3M face masks are a reliable and comfortable solution.
  • All our 3M face masks meet the necessary certifications and standards, ensuring you get the best quality protection.

They are available in various models and types, including surgical masks and general-purpose masks, catering to all your needs.

3M Dust Masks

Exposure to dust can be harmful, especially in industrial environments or areas with high pollution levels. 3M dust masks are specially designed to provide reliable respiratory protection against dust, dirt, and other particulate matter.

  • With a lightweight design and adjustable nose clip, they provide a secure and comfortable fit for extended use.
  • These masks feature advanced electrostatic media that helps enhance the capture of airborne particles comfortably.
  • Suitable for construction, manufacturing, and other industrial applications, our 3M dust masks are an essential addition to your protective gear.

Why Choose TOBE?

All our 3M masks in Australia are sourced directly from 3M and meet all Australian and international standards:

  • Competitive Pricing: We ensure you get the highest quality products at affordable prices.
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery: With our efficient supply chain and distribution network, we ensure fast and reliable delivery across Australia. We also offer free shipping for orders over $99.
  • Secure and Convenient Shopping: Our website is designed to provide a secure and convenient experience and a streamlined checkout process

Buy our 3M masks in Australia today and upgrade the quality of your lifestyle!

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