About Us

Kontact Pty Ltd is an importer, wholesaler and distributor based in Melbourne VIC.

We not only focus on body-care, and healthcare products, but also the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) to provide our customers with good quality low price products. The product varieties include non-durable household goods such as packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, bath, health care and other consumables.

We run our own online store www.tobe.com.au and arm-length partnership Max Therapy, Luxe Therapy, and Orchard Road Nail and Beauty with a wide range of massage therapies and stores at major shopping locations around Melbourne. We have a wide-range client database through the years of operation. Products can be purchased online and delivered Australia wide or picked up from more than 30 local stories across Melbourne.

Due to the COVID-19, we are currently running the epidemic prevention campaign to helping the community prevent spread of viruses. We have variety brands of face masks, face visor, alcohol spray, alcohol wipes, and the hand sanitisers on local stock. We'd like to provide extra discount to long terms supporting the school, church, charity, and the government.

Contact our Sales 0472530263 for more detail products.