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TGA  Approved  : this is a medical device

ARTG #:  342987

1. This product is resuable.

2. It is forbidden to use if the inner packaging is damaged or expires.

3. The used products shall not be discarded at will to prevent environmental pollution.

4. When putting on and taking off, pay attention to the clean surface to avoid pollution.

Very comfortable design, Oil-Splash Proof Transparent Face Protective Shield

Great for Kitchen, Dentist, Dental,Home, Travel, Medical, Laboratory, etc.


  • Made of super clear transparent PET material, Double-sided anti-fog, can be easily and repeatedly cleaned with water or wipe with alcohol.
  • Bright and clear, it can also be used with glasses, sunglasses, or even some goggles!
  • Adjustable elastic and it fits for most adults men and women.
  • Tear off the anti-scratch film before use.
  • Protects your eyes and face from dust, saliva, droplets, sand, sprays, splatters, fume, ultraviolet rays, wind, pollen, gas, aerosols, PM2.5 and flying debris.


  •      Fully transparent protective mask, anti-fog, anti-splash, isolation mask, full face protection.
  •      Lightweight and comfortable to wear, quick and easy to don.
  •      Hypoallergenic foam band can absorb sweat and provide enough room for eye glasses or safety goggles.
  •      Effectively protect your entire face.
  •      Equipped with foam pads, it will not be uncomfortable for a long time.
  •      It can effectively avoid the infection of personnel caused by body fluids.
  •      To prevent droplets, aerosols, harmful liquids, dust splashes from damaging or cross-infecting people's faces and eyes.
  •      Large protective area and good effect, the protective range can reach the entire face


  •  Condition: 100% Brand New
  •  Model: Anti-fog mask
  •  Product Name: Protective Mask Shield
  •  Material: PET + Sponge

Package Inlcudes:
1x Protective Mask Shield




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